From the Past four years, IFED is on forefront to help the needy and most deserving people across valley of Kashmir. Some of the glimpses of our achievements can be highlighted below:

  • IFED has constructed Houses and Washrooms at different places viz: Wayil, Nizampoora, Poshkar, Diginibal, Hadoora, Shuhama, Warpahoo, Baramullah.
  • Provided Help for marriage to Needy Families at Diginibal, Warapahoo, Illahibagh, Kondbal, Nizampoora, Barnabugh, Hadder Maidan, Mallshahibagh etc.
  • Provided monthly relief to different families in District Srinagar and Ganderbal.
  • Helped students of different places of Srinagar and Ganderbal Districts by providing them Tuition Fee of Schools.
  • In Health Sector IFED provided Medical assistance to large number of people at different times.
  • In Child care development we helped different families to nourish and feed the newly born babies.
  • In Skill development we imparted trainings to 65 female trainees of the poor family background.
  • Provided job to 15 female trainees of needy families at IFED’s established tailoring Center.
  • Distributed Clothes among needy at different places of District Srinagar and Ganderbal.
  • Distributed Books and Stationary to needy students.
  • Distributed Medicines etc.
  • Organized Free Medical Camp.
  • Organized Free Veterinary camp.
  • Provided Soil Testing Facility to Farmers.
  • Organized Sanitation Drives.
  • Conducted Door Door Surveys.
  • Organized Career counseling Programs.
  • Organized online classes for students.

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