Every human being has the inherent right to life, and proper healthcare is essential for its preservance. For this very reason, the healthcare is one of the main focusing sectors of IFED. While the health statistics of rural areas continue to be poor, the health status and access to health services are worst in tribal regions. IFED is working towards identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, providing innovative solutions, and helps in implementing secure and quality health care services.

In Health Sector, IFED is planning to start the following project

  1. Free Medical Consultation/ Counseling.
  2. Free medicinal Assistance.
  3. Free Diagnostic Tests and Follow-Ups.

Beneficiary: Needy and Underprivileged.

Target: 2000 Patients per Year.


Expenditure on account of heads mentioned below:

Amount Required

(In Lac.)



Consultation charges by Doctors

0.81 Lac


Rent For Space

0.84 Lac


Cost of medicine

2.70 Lac


Diagnostic Tests

2.0 Lac


Furniture & Fixture

1.0 Lac

(Chair, Table, Medicine Counter, Seating Bench, Curtains Etc).



2.0 Lac

(Medical Assistant, Helper, Water, Electricity Charges etc).

Total Amount:

09.35 Lac (Rupees Nine Lac Thirty Five Thousand Only)

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