A large part of the world population cannot fulfill their basic requirements of food, clothes, and shelter. That’s why homeless, naked, and hungry people are present in large numbers in each and every part of the world. Due to a lack of proper and immediate help, they get killed because of harsh weather conditions and hunger. IFED has adopted many poor families to which it is providing household stock. In addition financial assistance is also provided to downtrodden and deserving people.

Beneficiary: Needy and Underprivileged Families.

Target: 100 New Families


Expenditure on account of heads mentioned below:

Amount Required

(In Lac.)



Cost of Food Relief Kit

0.02 Lac

Kit includes: Mustard Oil, Spices, Salt, Sugar, Tea, Flour, Milk etc


No of Families


Total Amount:

2.0 Lac (Rupees Two Lac only per month)

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